Gulf Equity was founded by Leon Smith and Talha-Khan Aquil to serve our local, regional and international clientele. Gulf Equity provides services across the GCC markets for the private placement of equity and capital across a broad range of investors. The principals at Gulf Equity have raised capital for private equity, hedge funds, real estate, greenfield ventures and alternative investments working with family offices, institutional investors, Sovereign Wealth Funds and accredited investors. 

Leon Smith 

Leon’s experience spans over 12 years including finance, digital assets, legal structuring, corporate law, high profile construction projects, commercial structuring, strategic planning, international market development and law. He has spent over ten years living and working in the GCC markets as well as developing the GCC market for several key project acquisitions. Leon has worked for Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, a leading PR firm in the WPP Group and a global services consultancy based in Switzerland prior to founding several leading advisory firms in the GCC market. 

He holds a B.A. in Politics and Business from the University of San Francisco, a M.A.S. in Business and Law from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and a L.L.M. in International Commercial Law & Practice from the University of Edinburgh. 


Talha Khan 

Talha is an accomplished finance services professional with more than twenty years of experience across in financial services including retail banking, private equity, family offices and alternative investments. Having worked in the GCC markets within the financial sector over the past 20 years he has developed a strong network of relationships with leading family offices, institutional investors, Sovereign Wealth Funds and accredited investors across the Arabian Gulf markets providing our clients broad exposure across the full spectrum therein. 

Talha-Khan GEP
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